Inclined Plate Clarifier (IPC)

Effective, Compact Design for High Capacity Clarification Process

Inclined plate clarifier works when a solid/liquid stream that has been flocculated, enters a tank, and flows upward between a pack of inclined plates. The solids fall to the plate surface, where they slide by gravity down to a sludge collection hopper. The clarified effluent flows through orifice holes and exits the top of the settler.

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8 units IPC installed for a potable water application.

Clarified water quality.


  • Potable water clarification
  • Industrial process water
  • Sand filter backwash
  • Metal finishing
  • Groundwater
  • River presedimentation


  • Flexible design allows for custom applications to be tackled
  • Self-cleaning plates and no moving parts translate to low maintenance costs
  • Space-saving footprint allows for efficient use of land


  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Fiberglass Material
  • 10 times the equivalent settling area of traditional clarifiers
  • No moving parts
  • Corrosion-resistant FRP plates
  • Completely submerged plates
  • Plates installed at 55⁰ for optimal solids settling